SUCCESS STORY: Breaking barriers with break bulk cargo
Success story

In success with heavy weights

Kudos to the Mumbai team for successfully executing the movement of a massive consignment from China to Gabon!

ECU's Mumbai-based team in India has been notching up impressive credentials for itself within a short span of time. Recently, the team achieved a major success, by moving a consignment comprising trucks, trailers and parts that collectively weighed over 11,600 tons.

This is the heaviest consignment that the Mumbai team has handled till date. This massive task was undertaken for SEZ Ports SA in Gabon who requested for a break bulk movement of goods from China to Gabon, a Central African country along the Atlantic coast.

This was not an easy feat as the Mumbai team has to surmount stiff competition from other industry players. The consignment was loaded from ports in Long Kou and Shanghai in China and took 38 days to reach its destination in Libreville, Gabon.

The recent typhoon in Asia added to its challenges, as a result of which several schedules were disrupted as a number of ports were closed for a few days, thus impacting the movement of vessels. However, the team worked around the hurdles and moved the cargo within the agreed time frame.

The Mumbai team has been associated with SEZ Ports for over 10 months now during which it has worked on regular container movement from Nhava Sheva — the largest container port in India — to Gabon. However, this was the first time that the team executed a movement from China to Gabon. The team members made sure that every process was carried out smoothly within the stipulated time! This project was executed by Mihir Paleja from the Sales team. He took charge of the tasks at hand and ensured efficiency all through.

The Mumbai team has been striving for excellence with its dedicated efforts and has created a strong network of clients. It has engaged in regular cross-border shipments for prominent organisations like Jacobi Carbon, Blue Star Limited, Samsonite Limited, Sterling & Wilson, etc. It has also served major industry players like Voltas, Godrej, Bajaj, Hero Motocorp, Mat Brakes, etc.

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  • The Mumbai team has executed the movement of a consignment weighing 11,600 tons
  • The team efficiently carried out the movement from China to Gabon in 38 days
  • This is by far the heaviest consignment handled by the Mumbai team

Deploying a solution-based approach along with aggressive pricing has helped it stay ahead of competition

- Jayesh Tanna — VP, Allcargo Logistics